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3/14 - Passion 2 Action

3/28 - Elmira Jackals Pink in the Rink

5/17 - 2015 Komen Twin Tier Race for the Cure

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2015 Race for the Cure Sponsorship Opportunites
Interested in becoming a 2015 Komen Twin Tiers Race for the Cure sponsor? Download our Race Sponsor Brochure. .

Are YOU a Breast Cancer Survivor living in Bradford County, PA?
Komen Twin Tiers is seeking input from breast cancer survivors living in Bradford county. .

Tioga County, NY Breast Health Questionnaire
Susan G. Komen® Twin Tiers Region invites female residents of Tioga County, NY to complete a short survey concerning breast health care in Tioga County. .

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Darci's Survivor Story

In July of 2009 I was a healthy 49-year-old woman dreading turning 50.  Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Suddenly turning 50 was very, very important to me.  

Let me back up a bit…  I was blessed to be adopted as an infant.  As such there is much about my family medical history that I don’t know.  Because of that fact my doctor followed the protocol of mammograms beginning at age 40.  His forethought may well have saved my life.

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Cindy's Survivor Story

My doctor said it was nothing. Yes, my breast was swollen, but there was no lump and nothing showed on the mammogram. She thought maybe it was fluid. So we did an ultrasound, and nothing showed on that either. I left the doctor’s office with one breast that didn’t match the other and with the feeling that something was really wrong. A month later, I found out I was right.

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National Spotlight
Understanding Breast Cancer Risk
It can seem like health writers are obsessed with numbers. Often, these numbers describe “risk.” It’s a familiar term but also one that can have some specific meanings when it comes to cancer. Learn More Now
Financial Resources
Did you know that there are many financial resources that can help people living with breast cancer? Find out more